The Potential in the Big Breed theory


1. This theory has now led to showing quantum gravity - how all the 4 main forces in the universe can be united in a Grand Unified Theory. This has been the holy grail for physicists for nearly a century. Only by solving the creation problems can this be done. No other scientist has come anywhere close to an acceptable theory on Quantum Gravity that contains no flaws.


2. The Big Breed theory explains how energy can arise out of the Zero state or the void. Scientist have for a long time discussed the possibility of Zero Point Energy, but none have been able to come up with an explanation for how it might arise. Now there is a good theory, it is now much acceptable to start looking at ways we might be able to tap into this abundant supply of energy. At the moment, no research appears to be contemplated in this area and this has the potential to solve the World's Energy problems. There is a need to not put all our eggs in one basket as we can and should now investigate all theories and the benefits they might bring.


3. The Big Breed theory will lead us into a new scientific way of thinking and there are many avenues of research that can be started. New technologies, new philosophies and new understandings about life will all come about.


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