How the Big Breed theory works

All this begins on a smaller scale than the quantum world - a sub quantum world - around 60 billion years ago.. This goes on to create the Quantum world of matter around 32 billion years ago.

1. A 'Void' or 'Zero energy state' Universe is considered where it is proposed that only opposite and complementary kinds of particle can emerge whose energies add up to nothing i.e. zero.   Rather like +1 - 1 = 0.

2. The previous assumption requires that the void is unstable so that particles of opposite energy forms can arise from it though at a very low rate. These particlesare so small they now exist on a smaller scale than the quantum world.

3. With many of these separations, collisions eventually start to occur. It is the nature of these collisions that lead on to the full big breed theory.

4. The properties of these two kinds of complementary particle - called primaries, differ. Most important is momentum. The momentum of an object is its mass multiplied by its velocity and velocity is speed with direction specified. For an object made out of positive energy its momentum points in the direction it is moving. For primaries of negative energy momentum points opposite motion. What is important here is that the momentum of all objects conerned, when added up in any specified direction before a collision, has to be equal to the total momentum measured in that same direction after the collision.

5. The theory shows that when primaries having opposite energies collide only two at a time then both gain energy of their own kind and grow. Where smaller primaries hit larger ones, the larger ones split. This increases their numbers and this has been termed the breeding effect - hence the Big Breed theory.

6. When large numbers implode together their net momentum is zero before collision, equal to that of the void, and so mutual annihilation results. With all possible types of collisions a small net increase in the numbers of primary particles occurs. This leads to areas of net breeding and areas where the density is so great there is annihilation.

7. Breeding and annihilation in the same local area creates a tiny flow cell. With many flow cells waves of energy are shown to then arise. Where waves of energy intersect you get a spike of energy. This extra amount of localised energy is what has been surmised to lead to the creation of a particle on the larger quantum world.

8. The Big Breed theory leads on to show how the Quantum world is mathematically created. The quantum world sits underneath our current, classical, level of existence which is now shown to have all begun with the Big Breed theory.

This is a very short synopsis of the theory. For more detail and a fuller explanation and answers to the many questions you will undoubtedly have you will need read the books


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