The Flaws in the Big Bang theory .

1. There is no explanation of where the energy comes from to power the particles found in the quantum world - like the electrons. Recent explanations have led to the supposition of some mysterious dark energy and yet no explanation is given for where this energy might come from either. It also wrongly uses an assumed 'negative pressure of the vacuum' (NPV) to cancel the energy density of space.

2. With such a huge explosion ( where all the matter in the Universe is created in an instant ?) the universe would be expanding billions of times too fast. Creation has to switch-off after a minute fraction of a second otherwise an absurd rate of expansion is predicted. This is a well known problem and has been called 'The problem of the Cosmological Constant'.

3. Astronomers are now measuring some stars as being older than the oldest estimates for the age of the Universe under the big bang theory. If stars are older than the big bang, then the stated 13.7 billion year age of the universe must be wrong.

4. The big bang theory requires that gravitational potential energy of the Universe must be negative. This is postulated as the means for cancelling the energy of matter (not space whose energy is cancelled by a negative pressure). NGPE  is said to allow matter to arise from nothing. Unfortunately this requires the datum for potential energy be set at an infinite distance from the position of any object. This is absurd since the theory is based on Newton's mechanics which considers the mass of any object to be non-varying. So it would still exist at infinite distance and therefore cannot be cancelled this way.

For a creation scenario it is inadmissible to choose the datum arbitrarily for convenience, as is allowed in normal use. It has to be chosen where matter is created - before gravity has acted. This means that gravitational potential energy must really be positive and so cannot cancel the energy of matter.



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