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The Creation of the Universe

It also explains


No other scientific theory produced by anyone comes close to the completeness of this theory. No flaws have yet to be found and it explains all observations found. It took 24 years to complete and now it is fully supported by its Mathematics.


This site will outline why a new theory is needed when we already have a big bang theory. Unfortunately, the old big bang theory has too many flaws in its logic and too many unanswered questions. No flaws have been found in the Big Breed theory and it also offers mankind much more potential. It is still however possible to now a Big Bang without any flaws but now it must have been preceded by the Big Breed.



      Credibility was established by the peer review of an article published in 1997 that solved two major problems concerning the big bang theory. This purports to explain creation of the universe. Our solutions are described very simply in the next section and just read what the editor wrote about it! This credibility was further enhanced when the Nobel Laureate of Physics, Professor Brian Josephson FRS (BDJ), made a determined effort to fault the logic on which the solutions are based. He was finally forced to admit he could find no flaws.

     We recognise the achievements of quantum physicists, like BDJ, who have unearthed the workings of atoms on the minute scale of things.

These achievements are daunting and magnificent. However, it appears these advances have come at a cost. Nobody can be expected to understand everything so this is no derogatory critique!

      We show below they have lost important understanding of the classical domain in which our expertise lies. This is the domain to which we relate by our five senses. If they will only listen to us many of their major vexed questions could be resolved.

That the classical domain is important was highlighted when another physicist, Professor Stephen Adler, in a book he published in 2004, followed the lead we gave in the publication of 1997. He accepts, as we do, that the quantum world is so weird that it needs to emerge from a deeper level based on a modification of classical physics. This is the basis of the solution to the problems that really invalidate the big bang theory in its present state.

      Please read on and see how very simple and easy to understand our solution really is!

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